Providing Vital Support in our Volunteer Centre

IMG_20161123_100346037Colette started volunteering for us in our Volunteer Centre in Walsall just over two years ago. She is a very busy mum to three sons and one daughter and manages to find time to come in regularly to help us with a number of crucial tasks.

We rely on Colette to keep our records of any volunteer activities, such as school visits, parish fundraising etc up to date. Colette has great IT skills and has created some really helpful spreadsheets for us.

Colette also helps us to keep our database up to date by recording any changes relating to parishes and schools, a vital task to ensure we are able to contact the right people when we send out any communications.

We also rely on Colette to make phone calls for us, to parishes, schools and volunteers, a really important and vital task that she does using her experience of being an active member of her parish.

Colette told us ‘Volunteering at CAFOD gives me the opportunity to put my faith in to action and feel that I’m making a difference to the lives of others’.

Find out more about volunteering opportunities and contact us at if you would like to join our volunteer team.

Thank you Colette for being such a vital and valuable member of our team.

Interested in volunteering?  Do  take a look at our volunteering opportunities and contact us at We’d love to welcome you to the team!




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