John and Betty Fleetwood- inspiring their parish communities to take action for global justice

Volunteers are the face of CAFOD and are key to facilitating opportunities for our parish communities to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters overseas.

We’d like to acknowledge two of our parish volunteers, John and Betty Fleetwood, for their creative, dynamic and energising approach.Fleetwoods- useEvery Fast Day, John and Betty speak at Masses at Our Lady of Peace, Shottery and St Gregory the Great, Stratford-upon-Avon about our work.

The past year, with special thanks to the Children’s Liturgy Group and leaders, Fast Day has taken quite the creative twist at Our Lady of Peace parish! At Lent, the Children’s Liturgy Group really embraced the ‘Turn on the Tap’s’ theme and performed a play all about water.

At Harvest, the Children’s Liturgy Group really got hands on in sharing with their parish the story of Nicanora and Ruben and the difficulties they have to overcome to grow crops on the Bolivian Altiplano high up in the Andes. In addition to performing a rap, the children really stood in solidarity with the community and built their own wormery. Betty invited parishioners to adopt the CAFOD ‘Brighten Up’ theme and dress colourfully like the people of the Bolivian highlands. Fairtrade teas and coffees, which are served weekly by John and Betty at Our Lady of Peace, were enjoyed after along with colourful cakes and Bolivian biscuits.

Thank-you for all your hard work John and Betty, it is much appreciated. It sounds like a lot of fun has been had by all along the way and we look forward to hearing what comes next!

Would you like to join our Parish Volunteer team, inspiring your parish community to take action for global justice? We’d be delighted to hear from you! Do just get in touch at or on 01922 722944.

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