Parishioners sign up to promote CAFOD at St Joseph – Thame

It was wonderful to have over 15 people come forward to volunteer in at St Joseph’s in Thame.  Debbie Purfield, coordinator for Oxford North, approached parish priest Fr David Hartley to see if the parish was willing to promote CAFOD more.  Fr David warmly invited Debbie to give a talk at all masses weekend of the 22 / 23 July.  The response was amazing considering a lot of people had already gone off for their summer break!  It was so wonderful to have people across the spectrum come forward ranging from 15  to 75 years!  Some wives were seen cajoling their husbands to sign up too.

Margaret and Jim Crisp sign Power to Be campaign cards

Margaret and Jim Crisp very kindly offered to be the parish contact and disseminate information and organise the Fast Days.  Thanks so much.  They started their role there and then by signing our Power to Be petition cards there and then!

>> Sign our petition to the World Bank

Fr David who was very pleasantly surprised said, “It is wonderful to see so many people come forward. I am delighted.  We can now do much more.”  Fr David also signed our Power to Be campaign card and will be encouraging the parish to be involved in campaigning too.

Fr David Hartley supporting CAFOD campaigns

Thank you to all who signed up to promote CAFOD at St Joseph’s.  Thank you for giving your time, talent and skills to help our brothers and sisters in need.  You are an inspiration!

> Find out more about volunteering in your parish



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