Supporting UK Aid – MP Correspondents make a difference

CAFOD MP Correspondents (MPC) write to their MP about issues of global justice, usually (but not exclusively) in connection with CAFOD campaigns. Through these letters, correspondents build a personal connection with their MP, grab their attention and give them a mandate to act. MPCs cover about 80% of the constituencies, that is over 450 MPs. This has the real potential to influence government international and domestic policy.  It isn’t an onerous role either and is ideal for people who would like to make a difference by volunteering but feel they have not much time to give.

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CAFOD aid lobby

MPCs from across the country were invited to meet MPs  in Parliament on 17 October. The aim was to raise issues with approximately 60 MPs on World Poverty and overseas aid.  Several other agencies were also involved, including Save the Children, UNICEF, and VSO.  Each participant was asked to contact their MP in advance to arrange a meeting  during the afternoon.

John Barker, one of our diocese MPCs  representing the East Oxford constituency, was there to meet his newly elected MP Annalise Dobbs. There were also four other representatives from different agencies, making East Oxford the best represented constituency.  John tells us:

John Barker supporting CAFOD campaigns

Initially, Ms Dobbs said was unable to attend because of Parliamentary Business. However, she considered the issues so important that at the last  minute decided to reschedule her appointments to meet with us for about half an hour.  Although this gave us little time to prepare, we were able to explain the reason for our visit to Parliament and raise many issues. We urged Ms Dobbs to support maintaining the Government’s commitment to overseas aid  and oppose any attempt to divert funding elsewhere, thereby lessening the impact of UK funded aid programmes.

Everyone felt it was a very successful day.  In particular, it was useful to discover synergies and network with representatives from other agencies, as well as meeting CAFOD MPC from different constituencies.  With this new impetus, the East Oxford group agreed to keep in touch and support each other in their efforts to lobby their MP.

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Please help us stop the eviction of 200 families in Brazil

Volunteers, Supporters, priest and Bishop from the Oxford North and South deaneries stand in solidarity with more than 200 families facing eviction from their home in São Paulo, Brazil.  Ficamaua – Let them stay!

Volunteers and Supporters from Oxford N & S Deaneries show support for the Mauà Community

These families, many with children and vulnerable members, have lived for 10 years in the Mauà building, an abandoned hotel in the middle of Sao Paolo, which they have turned into homes.  Now, a government decision puts them in danger of being made homeless. You can learn more about the Mauà Community eviction here.

Bishop William & Debbie Purfield in solidarity with the Maua community

Sandra & Fr Naz : Let them stay

The situation is urgent. Following a recent court notice, families will be forced out of their homes by police at 6am, 22 October, unless the court decision is reversed.  CAFOD’s partner APOIO tells us that the only hope is to put pressure on political authorities to step in and stop the eviction.

Will you stand in solidarity with  these families and add your voice to ask the Brazilian authorities to suspend the eviction and to negotiate a just and permanent solution? Take a minute to read and sign the petition

Debbie Purfield – CAFOD coordinator said, “We want to show the Mauà community that we are supporting and praying for them… that we stand alongside them at this very distressing time.  They are not alone! Ficamaua !”









>  Please sign  the petition asking the Brazilian authorities to suspend the eviction and to negotiate a just, permanent solution