Oscar Romero Week 2016

Archbishop Oscar Romero

Archbishop Oscar Romero

As part of Oscar Romero Week which falls 15-19 March, the Birmingham Diocese will hold the annual CAFOD Romero Mass in St Chad’s Cathedral, Birmingham on Tuesday 8th March, 1-2pm which everyone is welcome to attend.

Every year in March, there is a week of talks and reflections to celebrate the work and legacy of Archbishop Oscar Romero.

We, at CAFOD, work hard to raise awareness and continue in the tradition of Archbishop Romero’s social justice initiatives and work closely with the Archbishop Romero Trust.

Oscar Romero is a very important figure who spoke out against injustice and reminded us that Christ is found in people living in poverty, and that we cannot ignore the suffering of our brothers and sisters in need.

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Elected Archbishop of San Salvador in 1977, he spoke out for the victims of the civil war and denounced the violence in his region.

In the 1970s, CAFOD supported Romero’s famous radio broadcasts, which – at a time when the press was heavily censored – were often the only means by which people in El Salvador knew the truth about the atrocities occurring in their country.

When Romero’s radio station was blown up, CAFOD provided funding to rebuild it.

Archbishop Romero was shot dead on 24 March 1980, aged 62, while celebrating Mass. On the day before his assassination, he urged soldiers and police not to follow orders to kill civilians, and stop the repression.

Every day, his contribution to social justice is remembered and reflected in all the work we do.

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Romero – a symbol of friendship in Birmingham Archdiocese

What motivated Romero?  “Friendship”, said a little boy on the back row.  Last Friday 16 March, CAFOD helped launched a week of Romero anniversary events across the UK, starting at Birmingham cathedral.

About 150 people attended a beautiful Mass, followed by a talk, video and discussion about Archbishop Romero’s contribution to the Church’s mission of peace and justice.

“Please tell the people of El Salvador never to give up their struggle for justice”, said a man in a wheelchair.  A lady added, “Do you know if people there pray for us?  We need their prayers too”.

These messages will be shared at Romero events in El Salvador during the coming week, expressing our solidarity with those who continue Romero’s work for justice there.

Schools make Birmingham Romero Mass a huge success

The Birmingham Archdiocese held its third annual Romero Mass, celebrating the life and inspiration of Archbishop Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, who was murdered 24th March 1980.  The Mass is also a celebration of justice and peace work throughout the parishes of the Birmingham Archdiocese, where priests and parishioners works hard to create a just world for everyone.  The Mass was celebrated by Bishop William Kenney, Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham, who said in his homily ” you and I are called to love our neighbour in any way we can, whether that’s in our J&P group, through CAFOD, or in any other way… We’re called to be men and women of the world who show our love through our care to one another.”

The readings were read by Ashwin Thomas & Markus Beeker of St John Fisher Catholic College in Newcastle-under-Lyme, the bidding prayers were read by Josh Gannon of St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School, Birmingham.  The gifts were offered by Hannah Youles, Bridget Phiri and Sheila Mwale of Our Lady and St Chad Catholic Sports College, Wolverhampton and Gus Dix of St Thomas Aquinas.  All the music for the Mass was provided by the talented musicians and singers of Hagley Catholic High School, Hagley.

Mass was followed by a talk by Sarah Smith-Pearse of CAFOD’s LAtin America team who spoke about CAFOD’s current work in El Salvador and the legacy of Archbishop Romero in El Salvador.