CAFOD visits the oratory Prep School in Reading

Cathy Carr, Education Volunteer, gives a Lent Assembly at the Oratory Prep School (Reading)

On Friday 2 February, the Oratory Prep School in Reading had a visit for the first time from our Education volunteer Cathy Carr.  Cathy gave an assembly to Year 3 and 4 and students heard how at CAFOD we believe in a better world, where no one lives in poverty and each of us can become the best person we can be. To be in a world without poverty, where people have clean, safe water to drink and enough food to eat.  Where everyone has a safe home, children can go to school and anyone who is sick can visit a doctor or nurse.

Cathy introduced them to 7 yr old Svondo from Zimbabwe and explained how around the world malnutrition stops some children from being able to play. Malnutrition is when you don’t have the right nutrients to be healthy (for younger children, you could replace the word nutrients with “vitamins and goodness in food”). This can happen when people do not have enough food to eat. It stops children from having enough energy to play.

Some great ideas for Lent


The students learnt where some of the money raised went to and were given ideas on how they could help through prayer, fasting and giving.

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Year 3 also spent an hour with Cathy afterwards taking part in a workshop based around the Pope Francis’ encyclical letter Laudato Si’– written to every person on the planet.  It linked beautifully with the work the children have been doing on environmental issues in PSHE and provided great food for thought for all involved.

Mrs Emily Reed (Head of RE) was wonderful in welcoming CAFOD into the school and said, “This was a great session. We would love to have CAFOD back in the Autumn Term to deliver the Harvest assembly and we would fundraise for CAFOD then.”

Thank you to Oratory Prep School for inviting CAFOD in and to Cathy Carr for delivering such a great assembly and workshop.


Celebrating Oscar Romero

Phil MSchool Volunteer Phil Mayland reflects on his visit to St John Fisher Catholic College, Newcastle under Lyme to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Blessed Oscar Romero.

St John Fisher Catholic College, Newcastle under Lyme, held a Mission Day on Thursday 20th July, to study and reflect on the life of Blessed Oscar Romero. Each Year Group focused on a particular aspect of Romero and El Salvador, and spent time preparing for an outdoor Mass on Friday 21st July.

The school invited visitors from CAFOD and Missio to lead students in their preparation with each year group preparing specific parts of the Mass. Jo Boyce of CJM Music rehearsed the music with the school’s musicians and practiced the singing with all the students on Thursday. I was asked to work with Year 9 students, who prepared bidding prayers inspired by the life of Blessed Oscar Romero.

RomeroOther year groups worked with the  Art, Technology and English departments in designing Romero Crosses, creating large Murals depicting Romero and El Salvador and writing prayers and poetry.

St John Fisher1.JPG

Mass was celebrated the following day. Fr Paul McNally, the school chaplain, concelebrated Mass with Fr Rob Taylerson and Fr Anton Madej. This was a very special occasion attended by the whole school and invited guests and was a fitting and memorable way to end the academic year.

St John Fisher2.JPG

Join us at our Retreat on 18 November in Solihull to explore how Romero’s life and faith can inspire and transform our world. 

A Day in the Life of a CAFOD School Volunteer

David worrall 2

School Volunteer David Worrall  

David Worrall from Stoke is one of our team of School Volunteers.  He recently visited St Giles School in Cheadle to take part in their Vocations Day:

 ‘The day started with Mass and then I took workshops throughout the day with Reception, Years 1,2,3 and 5. I presented the ‘Rough Guide to CAFOD’ as a workshop and adapted it to make it relevant to vocations. As an example of vocations I added the Lent Fast Day story of Florence and her success as a Fish Farmer fulfilling her own vocation. Building on this, I finished the day with the Power to be Primary School Assembly showing how the town and district were fulfilling their own vocations with the help of CAFOD’s renewable energy through solar panels. It was a very successful and rewarding day, if tiring!’

‘Afterwards I was handed a lovely thank you card with some very moving prayers from the children which I think prove that CAFOD’s work in schools is essential and makes such a difference.’

A big thank you to all the pupils at St Giles for their support and prayers, some of which are below: 

Prayer 1Prayer 2

Prayer 3

Prayer 4Prayer 5

Find out more on our website about being a CAFOD School Volunteer or contact Julia on 01922 722944,