Carol Singing in Witney for Connect 2 El Salvador

Paul Read from the parish of Our Lady and St Hugh and his band Saxophony were out and about in Witney in December 2017 creating a wonderful festive cheer with their carols.  They were keen to promote CAFOD’s Connect 2 programme which the parish supports.  Their link country is El Salvador and they were going all out to raise money for the community.

Saxophony band fill the street with carols while raising money for CAFOD’s Connect2 programme

Paul said, “We were supported by our Parish of Our Lady and St Hugh, Witney.  We were well received and the passers by were very generous. We raised £103.83 towards the project in Puntecitos, El Salvador.”

Well done to Paul and Saxophony for your efforts and joy in raising the funds.  To do what you love in community and do it to help others in need is truly wonderful.  Thanks so much.

Siobhan prepares for Sierra Leone

On the 20th January I will be travelling to Sierra Leone with three fellow CAFOD gappers.
We have just come back from our international and security training and it has hit me that it is not long until we set off for Sierra Leone. I feel so privileged to have this opportunity and to see first-hand the work CAFOD and the partners do on the ground. I am really looking forward to getting to know the partners and the people in the communities, it will be a privilege to hear their stories and be able to share these back in the UK. I hope to become fully immersed in the culture and way of life in Sierra Leone and to walk in solidarity with the people I meet. I am sure this will be an inspiring and eye opening experience.

Find out more about the Step into the Gap programme here


Step into the Gap Volunteers

One of the reasons I am so excited is that I studied International Development at University and I’ve had a passion for international development and social justice since I began to learn more about global issues in secondary school. After learning about so much about development and having the opportunity to visit the UN in my final year it will be incredible to see this first hand. It will be particularly interesting to see the effects of the civil war which ended in 2002, the impact of the Ebola outbreak and the aftermath of the landslide in August this year. Although we may see some things or hear some stories that are difficult, I am looking forward to seeing the progress that has been made and the resilience of the communities.


Team Sierra Leone

The partners we will be visiting will include CARITAS in the capital Freetown; KADDRO in Kambia which focuses on resilience to food insecurity and emergency preparedness; Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary who work with water, agriculture, sanitation and hygiene in Bo.

Find out more about CAFOD’s work in Sierra Leone

Remembering Loved Ones

Our third annual Memorial Mass was held on Friday 24 November at St Anthony’s Parish in Wolverhampton.

Mem Mass1Thank you to everyone who joined us at our diocesan Memorial Mass on Friday evening, held to remember and give thanks for all those who have supported CAFOD’s work – through volunteering, prayer, campaigning or donations – and who have made our work possible.

We are very grateful to volunteer Trevor Stockton, who organised the Mass and led the parish music group. Thank you also to Mgr Mark Crisp and Fr David Lloyd for celebrating our Mass and to St Anthony’s for hosting us.

Mem Mass2

Our Book of Remembrance was on display and included the names of all those we remembered and prayed for. Their memory will live on in the lives of all those who have been touched by their kindness and generosity.

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